True Pan

The lossless stereo panner

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Download on the App Store

True Pan is a tool for repositioning stereo sounds, that preserves every last bit of stereo field information.

Preserving stereo image geometry

True Pan makes it possible to perform panoramic rotations of the entire stereo field, while retaining all spatial information contained within the audio input. If the input is comprised of multiple, differently positioned components, True Pan will preserve their spatial relationships, as everything is rotated together.

Nothing added or taken away

True Pan brings the quality-preserving properties of mono input panning to the stereo world. Free of heavy processing, its lean algorithm is zero-latency, zero phase delay, and has a flat frequency response. While tools with more elaborate algorithms produce cumulative effects that may impact sound quality, True Pan's approach to quality preservation is best demonstrated by its ability to transform processed audio back to its original state, by reversing directions.

Adjust binaural field recordings

True Pan is a great tool for making adjustments to field recordings without degrading captured spatial information.

Reposition recordings with reverb or ambience

True Pan even handles reverb-rich inputs with ease. It also opens up new modes of positional artificial reverberation to explore.

Aid and speed up multi-mic workflows

By providing lossless and zero-latency stereo field transformations, True Pan makes it possible to reduce the number of physical adjustments needed for microphone placement.