Professional tool for side channel synthesis

Spatializer is a stereo widener plugin that perfectly preserves the Mid channel and therefore has zero effect on the mono mix.

Breathe life into your mono tracks

Easily enhance any monoaural source to create a full 360-degree stereo image.

How it works

Internally, Spatializer is based on the principles of Mid-Side EQ's, but uses a high number of bands provided by a complex phase shifter element. You can control the density of the bands across the spectrum (as well as an overall Side EQ curve), creating effects that range from spatial audio to acoustic space reflections.

Mid channel preservation

Spatializer is a great choice if you want to widen your sounds but need to avoid:
- phase smearing in the mono mix
- phasing / comb filter effects
- or any changes to the mono mix

Transient shaping built‑in

The best perceptual results are achieved only when the Mid and Side envelopes are in relative sync. To achieve this, an array of full-band and 2-way multiband envelope shapers is included in the algorithm.

Professional visualization

Spatializer features multiple visualization options that can give you instant feedback about:
- Directional RMS distribution (360°)
- Front / Back balance
- Position and motion