Modeled analog phaser

What comes to mind when one is asked about the single, most iconic phaser they've ever heard? For the first time, there's a good chance of finding that exact sound captured in a plugin.

Just the famous feedback - no whistling or booming resonances

RealPhase is a faithful reproduction of an actual piece of hardware, an iconic 4-stage phaser from the late 70s / early 80s. Its most recognizable feature is the warm feedback sound, which combines a smooth resonant peak with wide notches. It also has that special "sizzle" when the modulation rebounds from its low end. This phaser was perhaps most famously featured in early electronic music albums from french artist Jean-Michel Jarre.

Well-balanced volume envelopes

The unit we modeled is very good at avoiding strong gain fluctuations along the sweep range, regardless whether it's used on drums, pads, lead instruments or even complex mixes. This feature is very rarely found in 4-stage phasers with feedback - even modern reissues by the original hardware manufacturer struggle to capture this quality.

New stereo capabilities

Not only does RealPhase include a M/S mode, it features a true fractional M/S converter, making it possible to select any setting between L/R and M/S on a continuous interval.

Wide-ranging modulation options

Complex effects can be built using composite LFO's, parallel phaser structures, as well as an independent modulation system for the sweep range.

A subtractive synthesis tool in and of itself

Pairing with harmonic-rich, unfiltered sounds unlocks the full sound design capabilities of the plugin, similarly to how its hardware counterpart was used with "string machines" of the era.

Unmatched multirate performance

RealPhase delivers consistent responses across all supported sampling rates, whereas other digital phasers - even from AAA brands - may exhibit major inconsistencies even between their 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz versions.