Mid-Side Continuum

Width-preserving stereo transformer

Ever wonder what lies between the L/R and M/S representations? Mid-Side Continuum extends the definition of mid-side encoding to create a smooth, continuous interval allowing in-between values and gradual changes. Channel mode switches can now be turned into faders, opening up new modulation possibilities as well.

Wrap any effect to change or modulate their stereo mode

Any number of audio effects can be sandwiched between two linked Mid-Side Continuum instances. This setup can be used in multiple ways: either to just turn any stereo plugin into a M/S one, or to modulate the stereo field of the wet signals (while keeping the dry signal intact) without the need for setting up additional routing, thus keeping tracks neatly self-contained.

The panner for reverb-rich sounds

Panning high-ambience and reverb-rich sounds need no longer result in squashed stereo images. Unlike binaural and stereo panning, a maximally flat stereo frequency response is maintained during the process.

A versatile delay fx companion

The plugin offers a wide range of applications when paired with delays or delay-based effects. Examples include fine-tuning the stereo image, completely changing stereo delay patterns without reconfiguring delay taps, or adding variation on top of any tap configuration.

Adjust any stereo recording

Losslessly rotate the entire stereo field (by -45 to 45 degrees) as a post-adjustment step for field recordings — or any stereo recording — to correct positioning issues or to create a better fit with the rest of the mix.